We strategize with
your goals in mind.

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A financial plan is never ‘one size fits all.’ Every client comes to us with different goals and challenges, so each plan we create is unique.


How can financial planning with Horst & Graben work for you?

It starts with getting to know you, your wants and needs. Before we ever look at a financial statement, it’s time for a broader discussion: what does retirement mean for you? What else is important to you besides standard living expenses, from travel to supporting your family’s education to funding charitable causes?

Once we create your plan, it doesn’t stop there. The financial plan is the crux of everything else we do, from making portfolio selections to recommending members for your team of financial professionals.


Transparency and trust built-in.

Fiduciary responsibility
Our fee-based clients enter into a fiduciary relationship, where we are legally required to put their best interests first. Our fees are transparent and published quarterly in a simple invoice. We want our clients to know what they’re paying us, because we are confident our value proposition is worth it.

Transparency and user-friendly tools
We encourage our clients to get set up with online access to view their accounts and financial plans in real-time. Our suite of technology is carefully selected to make our clients’ lives easier, and we’re always here to help.

Our team of accessible & expert advisors
Our advisors have helped clients through job transitions, home purchases, inheritance, and many more situations in their thirty years of combined experience.

A sound financial plan is both personal and designed to weather life’s ups and downs. 

Our financial planning is based not just around what the average outcome would be in a given scenario, but also preparing options for unexpected changes, whether in the markets or in life. A sound financial plan lets us tell clients, “We were thinking about this before it happened, and this is how you’re going to be okay.”